Sunday, April 4, 2010

blogging... I'm not sure but apparently you just write for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild

hi folks. hope you're all well.

so far i've been exploring my experiences here in vietnam in my mind, my diary, in emails, on napkins and scraps of paper, but many many people have insisted that blogging is the way to go.... i hope you enjoy reading my reflections on life and work in vietnam, and the wider world of volunteering, development work and aid. if you do, please let me know. if you don't, you don't need to read them... :o)

please always remember that the views expressed on here are my own, and are fully independent of the views of VSO as an organisation, or the UK Government


  1. Hi Luce, fantastic photos beautifully composed - what a skill you have! I enjoyed reading your blog as well. We all miss you in the BRATs, especially when stranded in Atlanta with all prospects of a timely return to Brum blowin' in the wind.... Tauny

  2. Hi Lucy.
    Mrs B from Tameside here. I am so glad you are enjoying it so much it makes for interesting reading sweetheart. I have applied for and got a place with IPDT and will be off somewhere in October for a wek to see how SEN works in another country (yet TBC) I will keep reading and try to to keep in touch. All the best love ya xx We miss you here I will tell the boys how you are doing. Love from Abdi, Dakir, Joe and Wazza!!