Wednesday, August 18, 2010

good mornin!

Arriving in Nui Thanh and checking out the view from my room, I asked about the building and grounds next door. On being told that it's the regional marine training base, my celibate self got to imagining lots of handsome young men running around and doing pressups with their shirts off underneath my window.....

Unfortunately not.

The only male I ever see there is the gardener, who looks at least 100 years old, and sleeps under the bushes. There apparently are lots of men staying there, but the establishment keeps them very effectively hidden (and presumably sedated) by putting them through their 4-times weekly physical training session at 4am.
This long training session involves a lady with a very piercing voice and a loudspeaker......

"MOT, HAI, BA, BON..... " (1,2,3,4....)

Not so pleased about the neighbours now!!!

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