Monday, February 14, 2011

A splash of colour...

I'm working in a small village, where everyone knows everything about everything. So back in January, when an orphanage opened nearby, we were invited to visit and join the small party.

There I met Co Minh Hanh, a nun from Saigon, who raised the money to build and open the place, Chu Hung, the director, and the 15 children living there (either orphans or from families who just can't afford or cope with them). Some have physical disabilities, some have learning difficulties; all are gorgeous and deserving and fun to be around. Over the next few weeks the centre will become home to up to 30 children. The staff somehow find the money to pay for the children's meals, school fees, medical fees and clothing - allowing them to continue in education and live in a safe environment.

Since the party I've visited them regularly, enjoying games with the children and scrumptious vegetarians meals with Mrs Minh Hanh, the director, his wife and the ladies living there to look after the kids.

I was feeling sad that while the people were really loving and positive and nurturing, the building itself was very dull - typical blue/green walls, tiled floors, barred windows....  no toys, no colour....

So I asked some friends from nearby Hoi An to come and help me with a little decoration.....

A massive thank you to Yves, Matt, Stephanie, Thilo, Sue and Rob for making the trip and for bringing toys, books and colouring pencils, and to the kids at the centre for the creative input, help with the painting and just generally being fabulous.

Today I went back to do another wall. Big smiles all round.
And I got a big ol' Valentine's kiss.....



  1. Lucy, you and your friends did a fabulous job! It looks so much more a cheerful, happy place after a little creative painting!

  2. Thanks Molly, both for reading and for commenting. I look at your lovely blog often. The murals were really fun to do, and the kids are so happy with them. Painting's pretty good therapy for them too!