Friday, June 18, 2010

the daily commute

Before you get any further, if you are already feeling in any way resentful of a joy-sapping, time-wasting, soul-eroding commute, then stop now. I don't want to make things any worse.

Here's my journey.

At around 7am I set off along the main road through my 'town'; Vietnam's Highway 1. This is not a lovely road. It's a trucking, honking, dust-flying, rule-breaking, life-threatening assault of a wake-up call. Thankfully, after about 800m I turn off, into rural Vietnamese heaven.

I could probably do the journey in around 40minutes, but I take an hour to meander along. Every single day I'm astounded by the scenery, and I only wish my pictures would do it justice.

Every turn brings a vibrant splash of colour in the sea of green

The buildings themselves are painted in rainbow colours - blues, turquoises, purples, pinks. The harvests drying outside are a natural aesthetic touch - corn, chillies, peanuts. Everywhere you turn there are colours to lift the spirit and brighten the day.

I don't need to write too much about all this, the pictures speak for themselves.

I'm one very lucky girl

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