Monday, June 28, 2010

many cures for an ill

After my post talking about hyperchondria, I've got myself a bit of a cold. And as a husky voice and crackly cough are indisguisable, I'm getting advice and treatment everywhere i go....
  • In ex-pat / backpacker Hoi An - it's bronchitis, I need antibiotics, paracetamol and rest.
  • At the beach - I shouldn't eat chicken (In general or just today? Any other advice other than avoiding poultry?)
  • On the phone from Hanoi - it's because of the heat, I should eat black beans boiled with a lot of sugar.
  • In Vinh Dien - it's because i've been on a business trip which involved getting in and out of air conditioned taxis. I shouldn't eat chilli, ginger or Japanese rice crackers (you can't even buy them here??) I should have accupuncture, with electrical current pulsed through the needles.
  • In Dien Tho village - it's because of the weather. I had ginger rubbed all over my neck and face, and was told not to drink anything before meals, only after. My interpreter offered to do me a treatment which consists of inserting coins into boiled eggs and rubbing them on your face. Or maybe we still have some work to do on the interpretation thing...?
  • In Dien An village - I've got a cough. I should rest and drink hot lemon juice.
I gratefully accepted the advice and hot lemon juice from Chi Thong in Dien An. She's like a second mother. She was very happy when I told her that my mum would do exactly the same.

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